Sunday 26 May 2013: Saransk, Russia

Andrey Meryasev
Andrey Meryasev

10 Rounds

Andrey Meryasev 13(11)-0 vs. Alvaro Gaona 12(7)-2

Whenever I see a prospect with a KO ratio of more than 80%, I get excited and wonder if the dude is legit.

Such is the case with Meryasev who has an 85% KO ratio. Alas, save for a win over Alexey Ribchev, Meryasev is still largely untested.

I’m therefore excited about his upcoming showdown with Gaona. 5-1 in his last 6 fights, Gaona has wins against Jesus Angel Nerio, Esau Herrera, Gilberto Flores Hernandez (twice). He has two losses: one to Esau Herrera which was later avenged, and another against David Lemieux in which he was KOed in round 1.

Whatever the case, if Meryasev is a prospect worth watching, he should win against Gaona.

Prediction: Meryasev by KO4

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