Saturday 31 August 2013: Caguas, Puerto Rico


Edgar Lopez Sasso

Super featherweight
8 Rounds

Edgar Lopez Sasso 7(4)-0-1 vs. Alvin Torres 7(5)-0-2

I love this fight because it features two undefeated fighters who, without hype, are putting everything on the line. There is a good reason for that: neither fighter has fought any significant opponents. This isn’t a slam against either guy. They’ve only fought collectively 16 times.

What I like about Sasso is that he fought Orlando Vazquez (5-1) to a draw, then definitively defeated him in the rematch. Once again, Vazquez is not a world beater but it shows that Sasso has continued to evolve.

Torres seems like the weaker fighter having drawn against fighters with losing records. Even so, he’s still undefeated and 4 of his fights have ended within the first 2 rounds.

Prediction: Sasso by UD.

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