Thursday 29 August 2013: Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania

Francis Cheka

Vacant WBF super middleweight title
12 Rounds

Francis Cheka 29(16)-7-1 vs. Phil Williams 12(11)-5-2

This is for an extremely fringe title between two solid journeymen who may never get their just dues. So why am I profiling this match-up? Because it’s a good risky fight, and if there’s anything pride myself in doing it is giving attention to a good risky fight.

Let’s first talk about Cheka. He’s a man who’s fought the likes of Matthew Macklin, Robert Stieglitz, and Paul Smith — losing every time. It’s always been thought he was good enough to give prospects a worthy test, but never one who could make a statement.

Except he did by KOing undefeated prospect Thomas Mashali. He then followed this up by definitively winning by points against Chimwemwe Chiotcha, a fighter who previously held him to a split decision.

So is there more to Cheka than being a journeyman? Phil Williams will answer that question.

Williams may  be 1-3-2 in his last 6 fights, but those two draws were to Caleb Truax and Derrick Findley. In a rematch, Williams also held Truax to an MD. Surveying his other losses, they were to Don George and Andrzej Fonfara. These are all reputable names.

What makes Williams more intriguing is that 11 of his 12 wins have come by KO. If Williams wins this, chances are it will be by KO.

Prediction: Williams by KO8.

One thought on “Thursday 29 August 2013: Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania

  1. It was a good fight. I watched the Cheka/Chimwemwe rematch at Jamhuri stadium. This time he fought better than the 1st split-decision match. I have even watched his other matched on DVD including the Germany match, which he could have won even by KO and could have improved his ranking very much.

    Cheka is not a finisher. He needs to become one. He is used to wait for the 8th round, tiring his opponents. Chiotcha was not an easy prey to this. When he was about to knock out Williams, we were surprised that he could not finish him up.
    The coach should strive to make Cheka a finisher to most of his opponents and go full length to only a few of them.

    Keep it up Cheka, and all the best.

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