Monday 2 September 2013: San Antonio, Texas, USA

Luis Collazo vs. Alan Sanchez fight poster

Television: FOX Sports 1 (USA)

10 Rounds

Luis Collazo 33(17)-5 vs. Alan Sanchez 12(6)-2-1

My worry with the new Golden Boy-affiliated boxing series on FOX Sports 1 was that it was going to broadcast an endless cavalcade of prospects blowing out tomato cans. So far, my fears have been allayed by the current schedule.

2 weeks ago, we saw a good match on paper with Danny Jacob taking on Giovanni Lorenzo. This time we have an even more competitive match up between two dudes who desperately want to get into contention. Collazo-Sanchez is perfectly acceptable as an ESPN2 main event — and will no doubt do well on FOX Sports 1.

Let’s talk about the match-up. Collazo is a former WBA titlist who lost his belt to Ricky Hatton in a very competitive fight. He then faced off against Andre Berto for the WBC title. Once again, the fight was competitive but Berto got the nod.

Since then Collazo has been working for another title shot. Unfortunately, a knockdown caused by a body shot proved to be the differentiator in another competitive match-up against Freddy Hernandez.

But Collazo has come roaring back — stopping Miguel Callist in 5 rounds last April. Can he keep the momentum up?

That’s a tough one. Sanchez is undefeated in his last 8 fights. Though he has a 40% KO ratio, 4 of his last 5 fights have been won by KO. In the meantime, Sanchez has defeated Manuel Layva, Artemio Reyes (in a rematch), and the previously undefeated John Ryan Grimaldo.

Keep another fact about Sanchez in mind. He’s only 22-years-old. He started his boxing career 4 years ago. It seems to that Sanchez learned much of his craft on the job. Furthermore, it wouldn’t surprise me if he never had much of an amateur career.

Sanchez’ record, therefore, ain’t so cut and dry.

Prediction: Collazo by KO10.

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