Saturday 7 September 2013: Frederikshavn, Denmark

Patrick Nielsen vs. Patrick Majewski fight poster

Television: 3+ (Denmark), TV 10 (Sweden), TV 3 Sport 2 (Denmark), Viasat 4 (Norway), Sport 1 (Hungary), PolSat Sport HD (Poland), Al Jazeera Sport (Middle East)
Time: 3:00PM ET / 12:00PM PT

WBA Inter-Continental middleweight title
12 Rounds

Patrick Nielsen 19(9)-0 vs. Patrick Majewski 21(13)-1

I know Majewski is being groomed to become Denmark’s next big superstar — perhaps the hair to Mikkel Kessler’s throne — but it’s hard for me to get excited about him.

For me, he has no “it” factor. He’s not particularly quick nor all that powerful, but he is a well-studied boxer with decent fundamentals. At least he’s good enough to decisively defeat Patrick Mendy — who recently drew against well-regarded prospect Dmitry Chudinov.

In a sense, this is why I’m glad he’s taking on Majewski. I’m not going to say that Majewski is a world beater, but after seeing him retire Chris Fitzpatrick after Round 5, I’m confident that Majewski can take Nielsen into deep waters and force him to find his heart.

Majewski comes to fight. Nielsen won’t be able to win this through a paint-by-numbers routine. If he wants to be considered as a serious prospect, he’s going to need to find his “it” factor.

Prediction: Nielsen by SD.

WBC female welterweight title
WBA female welterweight title
WBO female welterweight title
10 Rounds

Cecilia Braekhus 22(6)-0 vs. Oxandia Castillo 12(9)-0-2

This is the best fight on the bill — and it mystifies me why this is not the main event.

Braekhus should be considered the #1 pound-for-pound female boxer in the world. She’s fought in 12 title fights, winning all of them, and unifying three of the major belts. Along the way, she’s dismantled a who’s who: Mia St John, Ann Sophie Mathis, Jessica Balogun, amongst others — while also handing three undefeated fighters their first loss.

But Braekhus best achievement should be who she’s not fought. Holly Holm, elite fighter that she is, was so terrified of Braekhus that she decided to retire rather than face her.

Thankfully, Castillo has shown more chutzpah than Holm. Though only 18-years-old, she has already proved herself as the #1 light middleweight fighter in women’s boxing — and now has the wherewithal to move down in weight to face Braekhus.

Castillo’s best achievement was in her last fight. Facing off against Hanna Gabriel, Castillo blitzed Gabriel in 2 rounds — knocking her down then forcing the stoppage. In the process she won the WBO light middleweight title, setting herself up for a second title attempt at welterweight.

Is Castillo too young, too powerful, too hungry for Braekhus? Or will Braekhus’ class make the difference in this close match-up?

Prediction: Braekhus by UD.

2 thoughts on “Saturday 7 September 2013: Frederikshavn, Denmark

  1. A couple of two bit, snipes–er observations.
    – Holm is unknown, even by this writer. Watch any of her fights–hometown decisions made her the fighter she is and of course many casino dinners helped.
    – Braekus is the real deal– a fighter unafraid to travel and take on anyone and everyone. My only complaint– she hasn’t found her real 100% power yet and she needs to…because in this fight she will need it.
    -Castillo is young, easy to hit and hard to take a shot from…but movement is not her priority- fighting is…so can she catch Braekus coming in? Can she trap Braekus on the ropes? Can she take Braekus’ ferocious combos? Can Braekus take her right hand straight down the pike? Will Braekus let her left arm drop after she jabs allowing Castillo to bang back over that weak left jab?

    As I said to the rock, Ceilia, you gotta fight this Castillo HARD! Don’t back up, move side to side and RIP those fists in combination…then move to the side and keep your dam hands up!
    ( OK, I said more to CB than I did the rock, but dam, this Ceilia Braekus is something beautiful to look at and she’s pretty darn hot in the ring too)

  2. If you saw the fight, you saw a young lady over head and now searching for said head as Ceilia Breakhus opened a can of championship whoop-azz on Castillo.

    One rule of thumb comes to mind- don’t touch the Champ’s belts until you’ve knocked out the champ. Its right up there with “don’t spit into the wind”. Castillo proved she was out of her league with her padded record and thin veneer of skill. However, she is to be commended for getting in the ring with Ceilia who has scared off many a fine fighter.

    So maybe Saurland takes the CB-Dynamite Fists Show to France and fights one of their great fighters. I think Mathis wants another go. And Lamare is soo dam game its not even funny.

    In terms of AMERICANS- forget about it. The sport has been run off the road by small time promoters looking for extra condiments for their hot dogs, er, staging safe fights at home in front of small crowds and calling it BOXING. It ain’t no such.

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