Friday 4 October 2013: Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina

Erica Anabella Farias

Television: TyC Sports (Argentina)
Time: 3:00AM GMT / 11:00PM ET / 8:00PM PT

WBC female lightweight title
10 Rounds

Erica Anabella Farias 17(9)-0 vs. Mary McGee 20(11)-2

Do you see how Farias is rocking out the WBC belt while primping and preening herself in bodacious beachwear? She deserves it.

Why? Because it’s not just a prop. Farias is a real fighter who has no problem putting her title on the line against another real fighter. She wants to prove that she’s really the champion of the world.

She puts to shame all those girls in women’s boxing who are afraid to challenge themselves. Yesica Bopp, I’m looking at you.

My favourite fight involving Farias was her encounter with Jessica Villafranca. In that fight, Farias knocked down Villafranca in Round 1 with a beautiful right hook. She then put the hurt on Villafrance, forcing her to retire after Round 6.

Farias is fighting Mary McGee. McGee is known for her vicious left hook that has put many women down. Along with this money shot, McGee has tremendous handspeed that blinds her opponents.

McGee is coming off a loss to Holly Holm, but she’s also known for grinding out a win against Kristy Follmar. To this day, Follmar has only lost to McGee and Mia St. John.

Prediction: Farias by UD.

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