Friday 4 October 2013: Vignes aux Bois, Ardennes, France

Patrick Bois Jr. vs. Nadib Mohammedi

France light heavyweight title
10 Rounds

Patrick Bois Jr. 10(2)-1-1 vs. Nadjib Mohammedi 32(19)-3

This is a decent French domestic fight. At the very least, we’ll see if either fighter has potential on the world stage.

Bois, at first, seemed average. He lost to a fighter who was 3-5-1 just last year. Thereafter, he drew against Samy Anouche.

As it turns out, though, Anouche is pretty good. Last week, he won a wide UD against Hugo Kasperski — rocketing him up the ranks. With this lens, then, the draw against Anouche was a taste of things to come.

The last February, Bois took on Serhiy Demchenko and won another UD. This has thus far been the best win of his career.

Mohammedi, though, is a different ball of wax. Though he remains obscure, he’s actually knocking on the top 10 of the light heavyweight division.

In 2010, Mohammedi gave Nathan Cleverly one of the hardest fights. Yes, he lost by decision but the fight was close.

Since losing to Dmitry Sukhotsky in 2011, Mohammedi has bounced back and won 7 straight fights. Of those 7 fights, 6 were won by KO.

The concern for Mohammedi is his chin. In his 2 of his 3 fights were won by KO: one in Round 1; the other in Round 2. It is unlikely Mohammedi will lose by KO since Bois has a 17% KO ratio. Still, this will be a battle of skill.

Prediction: Mohammedi by UD.

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