Friday 18 October 2013: Avezzano, Abruzzo, Italy

Stefano Castellucci (center)

Vacant EBU-EU (European Union) welterweight title
12 Rounds

Stefano Castellucci 21(10)-2 vs. Ceferino Rodriguez 12(8)-0

The last time Castellucci tried his continental bona fides, he was beaten decisively by fellow Italian Leonard Bundu for the EBU title. This time he’s trying for the lesser EBU-EU title.

Castellucci’s best wins come against Tobia Guiseppe Loriga and Rodrigo David Achari. Other than that, he’s mostly won against journeymen.

While exhibiting solid fundamentals, there’s nothing that strongly sticks out about Castellucci. Be that as it may, he’s clearly better than most Italians.

Rodriguez, on the other hand, seems to have power. This may be illusive in that most of his opponents are also journeymen. He does, however, have an impressive win over the previously undefeated Lyes Chaibi.

Prediction: Rodriguez by UD.

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