Saturday 19 October 2013: Leipzig, Sachsen, Germany

Robert Stieglitz vs. Isaac Ekpo fight poster

Television: SAT1 (Germany)
Time: 8:30PM GMT / 4:30PM ET / 1:30PM PT

WBO super middleweight title
12 Rounds

Robert Stieglitz 45(26)-3 vs. Isaac Ekpo 22(16)-1

Want to know how terrible this fight is? Ekpo isn’t even mentioned on the fight poster at all. He’s a non-entity.

And you know what? He’ll be a non-entity in the fight as well.

Prediction: Stieglitz KO4.

WBO Youth light heavyweight title
10 Rounds

Dominic Boesel 12(4)-0 vs. Mirko Ricci 10(4)-1

I watched videos on Boesel, and I go to be honest: nothing particularly stands out. He doesn’t display speed nor slickness. He lacks power, and his shots aren’t particularly crisp.

Yet going over his resume, it looks like he’s fought some good opponents. He has victories over Chris Mafuta, Zoltan Kiss Jr., Gyorgy Marosi, and the previously undefeated Harut Sahakyan.

So maybe Boesel is one of those fighters in which it looks like he does nothing special but has that mysterious X factor.

Ricci may offer Boesel a test but I’m not sure. He has that great win against the previously undefeated Srdjan Mihajlovic. But then when stepped up against Emanuele Barletta, he was KOed.

Prediction: Boesel by UD.

10 Rounds

Steffen Sparborth 12(9)-0 vs. Deniz Ilbay 7(3)-0

Neither fighter has ever faced significant opposition. In fact, neither fighter has ever faced anyone with a winning record.

So isn’t it interesting that when both decide to step up, each is taking on an undefeated fighter?

Both have something interesting going for themselves. Sparborth has the high KO ratio, yet Ilbay is much younger.

Prediction: Sparborth by KO8

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