Saturday 19 October 2013: Tokyo, Japan

Rikki Naito (right)

Super featherweight
8 Rounds

Rikki Naito 7(4)-0 vs. Keiichi Izumi 13(4)-5

Naito is a hot Japanese prospect who’s yet to fight anyone consequential. Now he’s taking a giant step upfacing off against Izumi.

Izumi has a few losses on his record, but he’s coming off a monster win against Ryota Kajiki. He’s also riding a 4 fight win streak.

Prediction: Naito by UD.

Super bantamweight
8 Rounds

Mikihito Seto 34(18)-10-2 vs. Takafumi Nakajima 21(8)-6-1

This is a fantastic fight!

Both fighters have challenged for the Japanese domestic title against Hidenori Otake, yet come up short. Obviously, they’d like to try again since winning the domestic title is a gateway to world title contention.

Thought Seto has recently lost to Hidenori Otake, the fight was extremely close and Seto had an argument for a win. Beyond that, 2 of his last 3 fights have been won by KO.

Nakajima, on the other hand, has won 7 of his last 8 fights. His lone loss during that time was to Otake which was also close.

He’s had some great wins during that time. Wins over Hirofumi Maenosono, Shingo Wake, Coach Hiroto, and Kinshiro Usui.

Prediction: Najajima by UD.

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