Saturday 19 October 2013: Panama City, Panama

Luis Concepcion

WBC Silver flyweight title
12 Rounds

Luis Concepcion 29(21)-3 vs. Carlos Ruben Dario Ruiz 17(10)-2

Concepcion suffered a pair of losses to Hernan Marquez in 2011. The first fight was a true Fight Of The Year candidate wherein both fighters managed to knock each other down. The second was a more definitive loss by KO1.

Since then, Concepcion has been in a rebuilding phase. He’s decreased the level of his opposition in order to steadily bring himself to elite level.

He’s won his past 6 fights. Even so, he’s struggled on occasion. Though Concepcion won by TKO6 against Anuar Salas, he was knocked down in Round 3.

Well, Concepcion is back to fighting someone semi-legitimate. I’m not going to say Ruiz is a world better — because he’s not — but he should be good enough to give Concepcion a challenge.

Similar to Concepcion, Ruiz has won his last 6 fights with the best win being against Carlos Ariel Farias. Also like Concepcion, Ruiz lost two fights back-to-back. The first fight was a close decision against Luis Ceja; the second was a wider decision against Sammy Gutierrez.

The difference in this fight should be Concepcion’s experience at the elite level. However, that doesn’t mean Concepcion won’t struggle.

Prediction: Concepcion by UD.

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