Thursday 24 October 2013: Dijon, Côte-d’Or, France

Mehdi Bouadla vs. Billel Latreche fight poster

France super middleweight title
10 Rounds

Mehdi Bouadla 28(11)-5 vs. Bilel Latreche 14(4)-4-1

It’s a mystery to me why Bouadla doesn’t feature in the fight poster at all. Bouadla is the fighter with the better resume, who once challenged for a world title, and has only lost to elite opposition during the past 5 years. He also has wins over Lorenzo Cosseddu, Samir Santos Barbosa, Mergei Melis, Francisco Antonio Mora, and Moradde Hakkar.

Bouadla’s biggest claim to fame is being the first fighter — and still one of the few — to last the distance against Gennady Golovkin. Bouadla even managed to win a couple rounds in a 8 Round fight. Even though he lost, this is still a great achievement.

But it’s Latreche who’s being played up as the favourite. For what it’s worth he’s a decent fighter. His  best wins have come over Said Mbelwa, Victor Hugo Mujica and the previously undefeated Boris Mdinaradze.

Most of his losses have come early in his career, and his recent loss last year was close.

Is this good enough to beat Bouadla? Doubtful, but still possible.

Prediction: Bouadla by UD.

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