Saturday 26 October 2013: Oldenburg, Niedersachsen, Germany

Abraham-De Carolis
Arthur Abraham vs. Giovanni De Carolis fight poster

Television: ARD (Germany)
Time: 6:00PM GMT / 2:00PM ET / 11:00AM PT

WBO Inter-Continental super middleweight title
12 Rounds

Arthur Abraham 37(28)-4 vs. Giovanni De Carolis 20(10)-4

6 months ago, I would have told you that Abraham was going to run roughshod over De Carolis. Then he had his fight with Wilbeforce Shihepo — and looked incredibly bad. If Abraham was fighting outside of Germany, he would have lost the fight.

Abraham looked every day his age in the ring that night — perhaps much older — and that makes this fight more interesting. Has Abraham grown long in the tooth? Or did he simply not take Shihepo seriously?

More importantly, is the Abraham who seemed unstoppable as an IBF middleweight titlist no longer with us? Or is that Abraham still buried somewhere waiting to come out?

I’ll be blunt. If De Carolis fought Abraham in his prime, he would have been destroyed within 4 rounds. The Abraham that fought Shihepo, though, has a rough night ahead of him.

Since his last loss, De Carolis has been on an 8 fight winning streak with 6 of those wins won by stoppage. During that time, De Carolis’ best wins were against Roman Shkarupa and Blas Miguel Martinez.

De Carolis could be a difficult match-up. He fights in the high guard, waits for an opening, then tries to knock you out. In other words, he’s a poor man’s Arthur Abraham.

Is the current Arthur Abraham an even poorer version than De Carolis?

Prediction: Abraham by KO8.

WBA Inter-Continental light middleweight title
12 Rounds

Jack Culcay 14(10)-1 vs. Guido Nicolas Pitto 18(7)-1 II

This is a rematch of a fight that occurred last April. Pitto handed Culcay his first loss. The judges scored it as a close SD — but I had wider scores for Pitto.

Now with Culcay’s prospect status in jeopardy, we’re now going to see if he’s learned anything from the Pitto fight. Will he adapt? Or will Pitto again make the most of Culcay’s defensive flaws?

Culcay is a decent come forward slugger. His KO ratio of 67% bears witness to this. Prior to the first Pitto fight, Culcay was on a 5 fight KO streak. He also had wins over Jean Michel Hamilcaro, Mark Thompson, Salvatore Annunziata, Giammario Grassellini, and Ionut Trandafir Ilie. As a prospect, he was being moved fast.

Pitto, however, revealed that Culcay isn’t much of a fighter when he’s on the back foot. When someone puts pressure on him, he still attempts to load up on his punches — which allowed Pitto’s activity to get the better of him.

While Pitto was not as hyped as Culcay, he’s a good fighter. Prior to Culcay, Pitto had a win by TKO8 against Reda Zam Zam. Previously, he fought nobody of significant and in fact lost a close MD to Mateo Damian Veron.

If Pitto wins yet again, it’s high time that he gets considered as a contender within his own right.

Prediction: Pitto by UD.

IBF Inter-Continental light heavyweight title
12 Rounds

Robert Woge 12(10)-0 vs. Anatoliy Dudchenko 18(13)-2

From what I’ve seen of Woge, he is very limited. Even so, he has a dramatic Sunday punch. In his fight against Hakim Zoulikha, Woge was getting out huslted and outworked. Then in Round 11, Woge floored Zoulikha. Zoulikha never recovered and the ref was forced to stop the fight.

So how far can Woge’s power carry him? And he can he take a punch as well as he can throw one? These are all questions we have yet to answer about Woge.

We might get an answer from Dudchenko. Since losing 2 in a row beginning in 2007, Dudchenko has won his last 15 fights.

Dudchenko also has good power. He has a 65% KO ratio with 5 of his last 6 fights won by KO. Hopefully, he can test Woge’s chin.

Even as Woge is limited, he has fought more significant competition that Dudchenko.

The best win on Dudchenko’s resume is against the previously undefeated Chris Eppley. However, that was 5 years ago.  Since then, Dudchenko has fought nothing but journeymen.

Prediction: Woge by KO6.

Super middleweight
8 Rounds

Tyron Zeuge 9(5)-0 vs. Achilles Szabo 11(5)-3

Here’s another decent prospect.

Zeuge has a pensive jab with solid fundamentals. And dare I say it, for a German he’s slicker than usual.

Good wins for Zeuge: Vasile Dragomir and the previously undefeated Mike Guy. These victories have got my attention, but let’s see if he can put an exclamation mark on them.

Szabo is better than a club fighter. All his losses have come against good prospects. Collectively, they had a record of 18-1 when they faced Szabo.

If Zeuge can perform well against Szabo, maybe he should make his presence known on the continental level.

Prediction: Zeuge by UD.

One thought on “Saturday 26 October 2013: Oldenburg, Niedersachsen, Germany

  1. Abarhams is starting to look shop worn, without a doubt he would have crushed this guy , a few years back,
    Still it would be a major upset if he were to lose, Abarham is still physically strong, and hits hard, a stoppage is likley, but the value is a win on points.

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