Saturday 26 October 2013: Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Johnriel Casimero
Johnriel Casimero

IBF light flyweight title
12 Rounds

Johnriel Casimero 18(10)-2 vs. Felipe Salguero 18(13)-4-1

Casimero has been an IBF world titlist for almost 2 years. And would you believe it? He has yet to defend his title in his native Philippines.

He’s been through a lot to win it too. In February 2012, Casimero KOed Luis Lazarte to win the belt. What happened next was bizarre. After Casimero was declared the winner, the whole stadium rioted and attempted to attack him. Casimero’s trainer had to actually hide him beneath the ring while security tried to quell the rioters.

Casimero has defended the title twice: once in a close fight against Pedro Guevara where a knockdown by Casimero made the difference; again in a mostly dull affair against Luis Alberto Rios.

Since losing to two very good fighters in Donnie Nietes and Luis Alberto Rios, Salguero has come back with two KO wins, including over Armando Vazquez — which should be considered the best win of his career.

Even so, though I believe Salguero could provide Casimero with a challenge, his resume indicates he’s a prohibitive underdog to win this fight.

Prediction: Casimero by UD.

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