Saturday 2 November 2013: Cherbourg, Manche, France

Karim Achour

10 Rounds

Karim Achour 15(3)-4-2 vs. Julien Marie Sainte 35(25)-3

I consider this a do-or-die fight for both guys.

Achour has a few  wins against French domestic opposition. However, when he stepped up to fight Martin Murrey and Lukas Konecny, he lost definitively. This isn’t to say Achour couldn’t find success outside of France, just that without a win over Sainte it is extremely unlikely.

Frankly, Sainte is in the same boat. He’s one of the best French middleweights but when he stepped up for the EBU title, Sainte was blown out in 3 rounds by Max Bursak. Without a win here, it is unlikely Sainte will ever vie for anything serious outside of France.

Prediction: Sainte by UD.

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