Monday 4 November 2013: Saint Petersburg, Russia

Andrey Meryasev

10 Rounds

Andrey Meryasev 14(11)-0 vs. Sergio Jose Sanders 21(12)-9-2

Meryasev is still testing his mettle as a bona fide prospect, and Sanders is as good as any to see if he passes the snuff test.

With an eye-catching 79% KO ratio, Meryasev has impressive power. But what’s even more impressive to me is that every time a fight has gone the distance, Meryasev has won by shutout. To me, this speaks to his boxing ability.

What’s more, Meryasev has good wins over his last two fights. He has victories over Alvaro Gaona and Alexey Ribchev. Clearly showing he’s an elite Russian domestic, Meryasev would like to show he can make it at the world level.

Sanders definitely has a spotty record, but his win over the previously undefeated Billi Facundo Godoy shows he’s at least a good South American fighter. This remains Sanders best win, although he also has victories over Abel Nicolas Adriel, Alejandro Gustavo Falliga, and the previously undefeated Pablo Daniel Medina.

Now does Sanders have what it takes to succeed beyond the Argentine domestic scene? That is a good question.

Prediction: Meryasev by UD.

Super bantamweight
10 Rounds

Vladimir Tikhonov 9(4)-0 vs. Danny Flores 14(8)-4-1

Even if their records don’t say as much, this is a really good match up.

Tikhonov looks to be a very good prospect. Over his last two fights, he has good wins against Jose Cen Torres and the previously undefeated Uriel Cauich Frias. Though Tikhonov has a 44% KO ratio, 2 of his last 3 fights have been won by KO.

As previously implied, there’s more to Flores than his record. If not for a questionable point deduction, Flores would have won against David Carmona. His other losses were against Jose Nieves and Jonathan Gonzalez — two very good fighters.

Beyond that, Flores has wins against Faustino Cupul, Eric Ortiz, and Arturo Zamora.

Prediction: Tikhonov by UD.

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