Saturday 2 November 2013: Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico

Hernan Marquez vs. Giovani Segura fight poster

Television: Azteca (Mexico)
Time: 3:00AM GMT / 11:00PM ET / 8:00PM PT

12 Rounds

Giovani Segura 30(26)-3-1 vs. Hernan Marquez 36(26)-3

To me, this is the best fight of the weekend.

I know few people pay attention to the flyweight division, but it’s got some of the best talent in boxing today. Segura and Marquez are a big reason for this. Both fighters have fought truly legendary fights, slightly stumbled out of the gate, yet fought their way back into contention.

More intriguingly, both have KO losses to Brian Viloria yet showed tremendous heart despite their losing efforts.

Segura’s loss to Viloria was the most shocking. Previous to that, he was the lineal light flyweight champion after two legendary fights against Ivan Calderon. Then he moved up a division and, well, Viloria happened. He tried to get back into contention with a fight against Edgar Sosa but after a competitive match-up, Segura came up short.

It was thought that maybe Segura had lost his edge but a KO win against Jonathan Gonzalez has revitalized his career and brought him back into contention.

Marquez was also KOed by Viloria but this loss was more definitive. He was knocked down by Viloria three times in three separate rounds. He’s come back with two straight wins, including a WBO eliminator against Carlos Tamara. Clearly, though, Marquez would like to make a big splash before challenging the likes of Juan Francisco Estrada.

But what Marquez is mostly known for is his pair of fights against Luis Concepcion. The first fight proved to be one of 2011’s best fights. In the first fight, both Marquez and Concepcion were knocked to the canvas, but Marquez ultimately came though with the stoppage. The rematch was more definitive with Marquez knocking down Concepcion three times, getting a TKO1 win in the process.

Both fighters here are come forward brawlers. No doubt, they have skill but it’s apparent: they’re there to be hit.

Prediction: Segura by SD.

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