Saturday 2 November 2013: Hull, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Eye of the Tiger fight poster

Television: SKY (UK)
Time: 7:00PM GMT / 3:00PM ET / 12:00PM PT

6 Rounds

Luke Campbell 2(2)-0 vs. Lee Connelly 2-5

This is par for the course: a promising prospect is fighting a journeyman. I wouldn’t usually mention this, but it is the headlining fight.

Commonwealth heavyweight title eliminator
12 Rounds

Richard Towers 14(11)-0 vs. Lucas Browne 17(15)-0

This fight was supposed to happen last year in Hong Kong but, for whatever reason, didn’t happen then.

Both these men are big, big men even for heavyweights. Richard Towers is a guargantuan 6’8″ and typically weighs in at around 240lbs. Browne is 4 inches shorter than Towers but is arguably bigger: he typically weighs in around 260lbs with very little fat on him.

When you look at the KO ratios of both fighters, it’s hard to believe this will go the distance. Towers has a 79% KO ratio whereas brown is at 88%.

Even so, I’d say Towers is at a slight disadvantage due to being inactive for more than a year. This also means Towers hasn’t fought the same level of opposition that Browne has, although his wins over Gregory Tony and the previously undefeated Yuri Bihoutseu were good victories.

As implied previously, Browne has been more active than Towers over the past year, and this has allowed him to record wins over Travis Walker and James Toney. Even so, Browne was knocked down in the first round against Walker, which shows that he has a leaky defense. The win against Toney does show that Browne is a good up-and-comer — but let’s not kid ourselves: today’s Toney is a shadow of a shadow.

Prediction: Browne by UD.

BBBofC English featherweight title
12 Rounds

Josh Warrington 15-0 vs. Samir Mouneimne 12(4)-0-1

I’m not that excited about this fight, but it’s important — if only because it establishes who is worthy as a prospect.

Warrington looks like he has boxing skills. The problem: even after 15 fights, he has a 0% KO ratio. This implies that he cannot punch his way out of a paper bag. Even so, between the two fighters, Warrington has recently fought more legitimate competition. He has wins over Jamie Speight and Chris Male.

Mouneimne also has a low KO ratio, but at 30%, he’s George Foreman compared to Warrington. Also keep in mind that Mouneimne has 2 KOs in his last 3 fights, so perhaps he’s just coming into his power.

The best win on Mouneimne’s resume is against Lee Selby way back in 2009. Keep in mind, however, that Selby’s a completely different fighter now than he was back then. Apart from Selby, Mouneimne’s other win of note is against David Savage in which Mouneimne eked out a close MD win.

Prediction: Warrington by UD.

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