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Saturday 25 May 2013: Cebu, Philippines

Jason Pagara vs. Albert Herrera fight poster

WBO International light welterweight title
12 Rounds

Jason Pagara 30(19)-2 vs. Aaron Herrera 25(17)-1

Even though Pagara’s record looks like that of a veteran, he still is very much a prospect — and an exciting one at that. He’s 5-1 in his last 6 fights. His last loss was to Rosbel Montoya, but Pagara fought him in a rematch and KOed him in 6 rounds.

What makes Pagara particularly interesting is that it looks as though he’s found his power only recently. Though he has a 59% KO ratio, 9 of his last 10 fights have been won by KO. He also has wins over several journeymen including Miguel Antoine, Frans Yarangga, Juan Carlos Gallegos, Deo Njiku, and Billy Sumba.

Herrera is a good test for Pagara. Not only does he have a 65% KO ratio, 2 of his last 3 fights have been won by KO. Herrera also has good wins against domestic level opponents, including over Zaid Zavaleta, Joksan Hernandez, Adalberto Borquez, Alirio Rivero, and Manuel Garcia. His loss to Fernando Garcia was very close with Herrera losing by 1 point on two judges’ scorecards.

Prediction: Pagara by KO5.

Vacant WBO Oriental light welterweight title
12 Rounds

Jimrex Jaca 37(21)-6-3 vs. Jose Emilio Perea 22(14)-2

Jaca is another Filipino slugger who’s greatest claim to fame is fighting Juan Manuel Marquez back in 2006. Back then, he was a featherweight. Then he tried his hand at 130-135lbs but went on a 5 fight winless streak between 2007-8.

After taking more than a year off, Jaca went up to 140lbs and hasn’t lost since. In fact, he’s on a 9 fight win streak with 8 of those wins coming by KO. Recently, he has wins against Rachamongkol Sor Pleonchit, Angel Martinez, Arnel Donal, Pipino Cuevas Jr, James Kimori, and Ramadhan Weriu.

So has Jaca got his groove back at a higher weight? How he fares against Perea will ultimately answer that question.

While Perea is by no means elite, he is a perfectly respectable opponent with wins against Francisco Javier Reza, Francisco Javier Olvera, and Edgar Barcenas. As well, he’s coming off a KO win.

That said, he is 4-2 in his last 6 fights. His loss to Jose Lopez was close, but against Danny Escobar, the results were more clear cut. Perea lost by UD with scores of 55-59, 55-59, and 55-58.

Prediction: Jaca by KO8

10 Rounds

Genesis Servania 19(7)-0 vs. Isack Junior 20(8)-3-2

Unfortunately, I’m not sure what the weight limit will be for this fight. Servania usually fights at 122lbs while Junior almost always fights at 115lbs. Maybe it will be a catchweight, but more likely this will be fought at 122lbs. All I can say about this fight with certainty is that the duration is for 10 rounds.

As for Servania, he is one of the Philippines most exciting prospects. He’s a fantastic technician with solid fundamentals. The only question I’ve had regarding him has been his low KO ratio at 32%. However, 2 of his last 3 fights have been won by KO. In fact, in his last fight he stopped former multi-division world title challenger Angky Angkotta in 7 rounds.

Servania also has wins against Jorge Pazos, Genaro Garcia, Nick Otieno, Gerson Guerrero, and the previously undefeated Marcos Cardenas.

I’m not expecting much out of Junior. Not only is there a big size difference, there’s a difference in class. Junior is on a 2 fight loss streak.

Even so, he has wins against Bert Batawang, Rusalee Samor, and Rafael Pangaribuan. His losses are to Wars Katsumata, Taiki Eto, and Ali Rochmad. One draw is to Rasmanudin in his debut. His other draw is technical.

What’s important to note here is that Servania has another fight scheduled in July against Konosuke Tomiyama. It’s apparent this is a stay busy fight — one that should prepare Servania for his big splash in Macao.

Prediction: Servania by KO8.